Concept of Business

The concept of business is inherently  implicit in man’s nature , social interaction , business transaction …. Everything  man does with men  is a corollary of  the fact  that man is a rational being .

The degree of business complexity is concomitant with man’s mental advancement .

Business process and structure has culminated to a convoluted  level : from simple barter  to the contemporary  profundity of business model , business has grown  to involve and in some cases  entail compounded  stratum of decision making process ;each level of  the process is followed by either inadvertently  or consciously applied logic.

The marketability  of business concept  is a paradigm of the concept of  democracy and its meaningful application . The number of  people who buy or vote  for  a product  categorically  determines the lucrativeness  of  a business ;  in a parlance of business , market share  is decided  by  the volume of actual  sales .Thus , the objective of  a business  should be  procuring  more vote  for a product .

 The objective of logical business solutions is creating marketability . We focus in designing  the best market, relative to cogently developed business concept .

We believe the success or failure of any business concept  is directly  correlated with the identification  of the relevant  target market


The first step in acquiring knowledge  is being true to self
you expand your knowledge and you grow by being  true to what you know 

Expand your knowledge to the limit of your life 

Never place anyone's judgement or opinion above your own verdict 

The most honest judge and jury are your conscious and subconscious mind